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Dedicant's Program

One of the appealing things about Ár nDraíocht Féin is that it has programs of training and study in a number of specialities -- liturgy, divination, brewing, and so on. In order to start any of the programs, though, one first has to complete the Dedicant's Program. This multi-part program is designed to educate a person in the basics of Paganism in general, and ADF in particular, while also requiring the development of a spiritual practice and the beginning of a virtuous life. In this way the program teaches the three core concepts of druidry: Study, Piety, Virtue.

Students in the Dedicant's Program complete a series of essays, which are then judged by members of the Preceptor's office. A major goal is to determine that the applicant has thought the questions through, even if they have come to different conclusions.

These essays are essentially those that I submitted for my own program. I've made some small modifications to the shrine essay to reflect my current work. The essay on the oath was actually only my first submission. It was turned down, and I had to do another one. Since that one is nowhere near as interesting, I've posted this instead.

The Virtues
The High Days
Book Reviews
The Two Powers Meditation
Mental Discipline
Nature Work
Eight Rituals
The Kindreds
Development of Spiritual Practice
The Oath