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by Ceisiwr Serith

2nd ed.

copyright 2009

For Debbie and Elizabeth

Table of Contents


1. Introduction to Paganism

2. Ritual

3. The Sacred Home

Guardians of the Threshold and Hearth. Household Guardians.

The Household Shrine. Blessing the New Home.

4. Celebrations of Birth

Welcoming. Blessing. Presentation to Household Guardians.

Naming and Dedication. Birthdays.

5. Teaching Children

Activities. Guided Meditations.

6. Prayer and Offerings

Morning. Mealtime. Bedtime. Blessings. Offerings.

7. Celebrating the Seasons: The Festivals

Samhain. Yule. Imbolc. Ostara. May Day. Midsummers.

Lammas. Harvest.

8. Times of the Moon

Full Moon. New Moon. Reappearance of the Moon.

10. Betrothal, Wedding, Parting

11. Death

Wake. Funeral. Commemoration.



1. Protective Symbols

2. Table of Offerings

3. Colors for Occasions


References and Resources